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What is Nichibunken Digital Archive?

The International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken), as part of ongoing projects to make its diverse collection of Japanese studies resources available online, has opened the “Nichibunken Digital Archive.” The Archive allows users to browse image data of these materials across all genres. 
8,595 images of 1,499 titles are available in this Archive as of March 2024.

The Nichibunken Digital Archive conforms with IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) standards for publishing and sharing images, enabling smooth viewing of high-resolution images. 
The image data and bibliographic information on the Archive are freely available to all. The resources can be used widely, for research and study, teaching, and lifelong learning. 
Nichibunken holdings of rare and valuable materials will continue to be made available from now on.

* Some of the materials publicly available on the Nichibunken Digital Archive may include expressions that seem inappropriate to modern sensibilities. They have been released without revision or editing, with the aim of providing academic materials without concealing the historical facts. When using the materials, please keep in mind that they are meant to be used as historical and academic materials. 
* Contents and metadata in this Archive are subject to change, relocation, and removal without notice.


Terms of Use for Content

The Nichibunken Digital Archive houses the following materials:

  • Materials for which the expiration of copyright has been confirmed 
    * This is determined by verifying the date of death of the copyright holder (or by the publication date in the case of works copyrighted under the name of an organization) or inferred from the period of publication.
  • Materials for which permission for release and use has been obtained from the copyright holder

All types of digital contents, including images and text, in the Nichibunken Digital Archive (hereinafter “Content”) can be used free of charge for both business and personal purposes without permission by Nichibunken. 
If you wish to use Content for a publication, television broadcast, or other such purpose, please see the “Application for Special Use Privileges” page.


Terms of Use for Metadata

Metadata of Content, including bibliographic information (such as the title and the date content were created) and IIIF manifest files, in the Nichibunken Digital Archive are provided under the Creative Commons CC0 license (CC0 1.0)
They can be used freely by anyone without restriction.



Nichibunken assumes no responsibility for the actions taken by those using the Nichibunken Digital Archive and its Content. 
Furthermore, Nichibunken assumes no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred from using this Archive.


Contact Information

Information Management Section Database Management Unit 
International Research Center for Japanese Studies 
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* Please refer to “Terms of Use for Content”above for Content reuse.